I'm going to keep posting questions and answers here no matter what, but are we defined as an "Active" site or not under StackExchange's new rules?

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We are not defined as "active" in terms of having 1 year before moving to the new system. So this site, at the latest, will be moved over to 2.0 within 3 months.

However, Taylor and I are excited for this, and might even be willing to migrate over even sooner, if possible.

Considering how many IT / developer related people also homebrew, we both feel that BrewAdvice will have no issue staying alive when it comes to a StackOverflow.com vote. I think we have almost a dozen active users on here who write code or do something in that field.

I think Taylor is going to contact Rich or someone else at SE to discuss this in further.

We'll make sure this site stays around even if we don't make the cut.

Please, continue to ask more questions as you have them, both about beer and about BrewAdvice!


Just FYI (and not sure where else to put it), Stack Exchange launched their site launching site (repeat words much PJ?) at area51.stackexchange.com. The beer community site is being discussed here: http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/1619/homebrewing-beer-wine-etc

Please go give your input over there. I'd love for this community to help shape the future of this site.

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    I registered and started adding questions/commenting - but, what is this exactly? If this proposal is accepted, what are the ramifications for brewadvice?
    – Jim Armstrong
    Jun 17, 2010 at 3:09

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