Would I be able to ask this question on homebrew.stackexchange.com?

"I have a an issue where my hydrometer is stuck in my carboy. I can't reach it with my hand to get it out. Any ideas on how to get it out?"

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I'd say yes; just for example, looking at the carboy tag has several unclosed questions relating to equipment and not directly brewing beer.

Carboy Dimensions
Class Carboy vs Better Bottle
Carboy Cap vs Stopper
Adding oak chips to a carboy (specifically, getting them out)

Also, while looking through these, there's even an equipment tag you could use.

(Although, might rephrase it to "How can I get it out" vs "Any ideas," so it's more directly answerable instead of discussion. Of course, that's nitpicky.)

  • +1 agreed, this is on topic. Also thanks for attempting to remove discussion Commented Jun 11, 2012 at 13:30

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