What do you think about questions like What is the best beer to make for a spouse who prefers sauvignon blanc? ?

While he's asking for advice on what to brew, it doesn't seem brewing specific- the question is about the same as "What beer should I buy for said spouse?" I think it's outside the scope of HB.SE- what do you think?

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I wonder if it's too subjective. Perhaps a wiki with suggestions would be fine; can there be a right answer?

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  • I agree it should probably be CW. – Jeff L Nov 16 '10 at 0:18

I read that question to be soliciting recommendations on styles to try brewing, not suggestion on what to pick up at the package store.

The question is asking 'how can I create a beer that has the following characteristics?'

As such, I think it is perfectly appropriate for this site.

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    I suppose I could see that argument- I saw it more as "What style beer would a person who likes X like" which doesn't seem on-topic for a brewing site. – Fishtoaster Nov 15 '10 at 23:07

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