I was wondering if it would be possible to stop accepting answers for questions that are very old, and already answered. This is a normal practice in other SEs I believe.


There a interesting questions that need focus and attention, and very, very old questions that already have acceptable answers that are getting completely unneeded attention. It seems we're in an odd cycle where we just recycle old posts over and over again.


Questions like this (there are at least ten questions well over 3 years old this is just a random pick). This question is over 10 years old and still is getting activity. For some reason, the community bot, or someone touches these questions, which makes them active and bumps them to the top page and they get a bunch of unneeded activity. Raising up these dead (and honestly not very high quality) questions over and over and over isn't benefitting users, or the authors who probably stopped brewing two years after they asked the question.

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