I could not find any tag specific to low/non-alcohol brewing in my question: Is removing alcohol to create low/non alcoholic wine/beer feasible for the home brewer?

So I have created low-abv - I think this is reasonable alongside the existing alcohol-content tag as it is a whole niche in itself, but how does the community feel about it?

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I think this could be valuable since, as you said in your question, low-ABV beers are becoming increasingly popular. I could see people having concerns about contamination, dry-hopping, bottling, etc. that could be specific to brewing low-ABV beers.

It might not be a bad idea to add a tag wiki excerpt that better defines the intention (e.g. including/excluding non-alcoholic beers), but that's always something that can be added/refined as new questions come in and we see what users do with it.

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