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Are potentially wiki-type questions accepted yet?

As a relative beginning, I was going to attempt a hop taste test in order to get a better handle on the different hop types. I could ask for some 6-8 recommendations to use for such a test. However it ...
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Are we still building the site?

In the early days, a stackexchange site often wants questions that are easy to answer with good answers, to as to build the site and attract people. considering the homebrew site is still in beta and ...
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Are questions about brewing non-alcoholic on-topic here?

I want to ask how to convert my spoiled wine to vinegar (follow-up on this question). Is this on-topic here?
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Should I ask a question that I've seen the answer to in another question?

I needed to figure out how to purge the air from a keg, and after a bit of looking found a great description in this answer to the question "Do I need to completely fill my keg?" So now I know how to ...
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Is Home Roasting / Home Brewing of Coffee within scope?

Wondering if the "Homebrewing" moniker stretches to include home brewing of coffee (and more interestingly home roasting of coffee) I see similarities in roasting malts and roasting coffee. I do ...
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Can I ask questions about organizing a brew competition?

I'm planning on organizing a small brewing competition sometime in the next 12 months. I'd like to leverage other people's knowledge on this. Can I ask this sort of question on the main homebrewing ...
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