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Is this question about sweet liqueur off-topic?

This question seems right on the cusp of being on-topic to me. On one hand, it doesn't really have anything to do with fermentation or homebrewing. However, this process more or less like making a ...
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Can we decide which legal questions are on topic?

Before marking as a dupe of this, my questions is more of a request for consistency. This comment made me look up other questions about the legality of selling homebrew. It seems sometimes they get ...
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Area 51 clean up campaign

I'm trying to clean up Area 51 proposals, and I came across this one: Beer Proposed Q&A site for beer writers, cicerones, professional brewers, and beer geeks Would any of their on topic ...
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Should equipment comparison questions be off-topic?

Can an equipment comparison question have an objective answer? Can we make a blanket ruling on these or will it depend on how the questions are worded? Some examples: Should I use glass carboys or ...
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Recipe Questions

In the definition stage the recipe questions were noted as off-topic. I'd like to confirm that they are still considered off topic by the community. See Can somebody give me a good recipe that they&#...
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Where do we draw the line between home brewing and micro brewing?

I don't anticipate this being a big problem but I'm curious to know if a line needs to be drawn to keep micro brewing (large batch brewing) out of the site. I don't really see a lot of harm in ...
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