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Distilling questions

It was discussed so many times, like here, but it seems the answer is always that it was decided like that in the begining. Still, can it be changed today, to accept questions like this one?
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Why is it so common to find answers with more upvotes than questions?

I was reading through some interesting questions this weekend and realized that there are a number of questions with less up votes than the answer. I'm intrigued about this "phenomenon". If a question ...
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1 answer

How to go about creating a Q&A that becomes the basis of a beginnners brewing guide?

So after posting this question I was wondering about how useful it would be if there was a similar type of page that was basically a guide written on this forum for people like myself. Considering how ...
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is a question ever too simple?

Is a question ever so simple that answering isn't considered necessary because the answer is readily available, e.g. via a web search? This comment and associated question provides the background for ...
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If a question is worth answering, why isn't it worth upvoting

I gotta ask this question to my fellow Homebrewing peeps: If you spend the time to make a good detailed answer to a question, why don't you upvote the question? If it was worth answering, isn't it ...
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Ignoring legality, is Homebrew Stack Exchange going to encompass distilling?

A recent question, though vague and needing some work to be a good question, touches on distilling. Legality has been discussed in this (meta) forum, but I wasn't able to find anything in the FAQ's ...
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What's the criteria for accepting an answer?

On sites like StackOverflow it's pretty cut and dry, if someone's answer fixes your problem, you mark it as correct. Here, however, it's a much different story. Should you mark the correct answer if ...
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What is the best way to phrase questions?

This question just came up, currently phrased "Why can't I get any aroma out of my dry hops?". I wonder if it would be more effective if it were phrased in the positive, like "How can I get the most ...
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How to deal with questions/answers about potentially illegal activities?

I hate to be the killjoy, and I'm certainly not fond of many of the laws concerning alcohol in the U.S., but we should probably discuss how we want to handle questions and answers that touch on ...
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Should equipment comparison questions be off-topic?

Can an equipment comparison question have an objective answer? Can we make a blanket ruling on these or will it depend on how the questions are worded? Some examples: Should I use glass carboys or ...