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upvoted answers not reflecting in rep?

I started with 101 rep, asked a question that had 3 upvotes, answered a question that got three upvotes, and I still have 116 rep now. The math does not seem to be adding up. What gives?
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People don't seem to downvote much - is this due to the loss of reputation incurred?

I notice that there is not much downvoting going on, even though I see a lot of (what I perceive as) inaccurate or simply poor answers. Why are these not downvoted? Could it be that newbies don't ...
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w00t! I've got a close hammer!

The other day, I saw an off-topic post and voted to close it, even though I'm still at 101 rep on the main site. Didn't think much of it until today when I was on another public beta SE site where I ...
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How was the reputation computed for those of us who merged from brewadvice?

Before the homebrew/brewadvice merger, I had more reputation on brewadvice than I do now after the merge. I'm not here for the points, but I am curious as to how this was handled.
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