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Please help retag untagged questions

Poking around on the site, I noticed that the untagged tag has 28 questions in it. If you can spare a few minutes, please try to grab a few questions where you recognize the subject from the list ...
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Homebrewing self-evaluation: let's get critical! [closed]

You love your site and we love your site, but there is a whole world of people out there who might not even know it exists. When they do find it, their first impression will either scare them away or ...
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Request for tag merge of gravity & specific-gravity tags

Both tags have the same meaning & even similar definitions. I propose we merge into specific-gravity as someone typing gravity would still find the former through auto-suggest.
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Site Stats on front page lists -179% Answered questions

I noticed this this morning while browsing old questions. I think this is a little... off. Answered appears to be accurate in Area 51. After jumping around to a few other beta sites, this appears to ...
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Amazon UK in links are overwritten to US

When links are used (as in this post) they are redirected incorrectly to the US site. ie will direct you to
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w00t! I've got a close hammer!

The other day, I saw an off-topic post and voted to close it, even though I'm still at 101 rep on the main site. Didn't think much of it until today when I was on another public beta SE site where I ...
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How do 6 people already have the 'Enthusiast' badge?

I just noticed that 6 users have the 'Enthusiast' badge already, which requires you to visit the site each day for 30 days. However, the site is only 23 days old, right? One user's profile says he/...
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Why weren't my accepted answers from BrewAdvice imported

I just noticed that I have a 0% acceptance rate. On BrewAdvice I had accepted answers to nearly all of the questions I asked. While my questions have been nicely imported into this site, I notice ...
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My account from brewadvice didn't merge with my homebrewing.stackoverflow account. Can I merge them?

My old account came over, but it didn't merge with my account that I created over here. Can I merge them? It would be nice to have my old questions and all of that under one account.
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Merger with BrewAdvice

The guys at, the stackexchange 1.0 version of us, said (way back when we were in commitment phase) that they'd be all for merging with us. They've built up a nice pile of answers, as ...
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Can't login to meta

I'm trying to login to . Going to the login page on meta automatically logs me in, and redirects me to the meta homepage, where I am logged out again. I can ...
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