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Please help retag untagged questions

Poking around on the site, I noticed that the untagged tag has 28 questions in it. If you can spare a few minutes, please try to grab a few questions where you recognize the subject from the list ...
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Tags: Dry-Hop & Dry-Hopping

Suggested removal, we seem to have duplicate tags for "Dry-Hop" & "Dry-Hopping". Side note we seem to have duplicate tags in the Meta "tags" and "tagging"
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Merge tags sanitization sanitizer sanitation sanitizing

There are currently four tags about the same basic thing: sanitization sanitizer sanitation sanitizing Having multiple slightly different tags about the same thing undermines the functionality of the ...
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Should we tag questions as beer brewing or wine making?

I'm foreseeing one possible problem with the site. Beer brewing questions are already outweighing wine making questions. I have a feeling this won't go away. Do we specifically tag each beer brewing ...
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