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Was creating 'low-abv' tag wise?

I could not find any tag specific to low/non-alcohol brewing in my question: Is removing alcohol to create low/non alcoholic wine/beer feasible for the home brewer? So I have created low-abv - I think ...
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Tags: Mash and Mashing

Mashing seems to be a duplicate/sub-set of Mash. I suggest removal of 'mashing' and to re-tag the questions 'mash' before removal.
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3 votes
2 answers

Clarity and clarification tags

The clarity and clarification tags seem to really be about the same thing. The cloudy tag also seems a bit redundant and appears with each of these tags. Should tag synonyms be created for these?
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Tag Badges Not Tracking

On the main site I have one answer in beer-styles which has nine votes, but the beer-styles tag does not show up in my Next Tag Badge list. In fact, of the nine tags in which I have participated, only ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Proper use of 'alcohol', 'alcohol-content', and 'abv' tags

I've noticed that the alcohol, alcohol-content, and abv tags are all used on a similar range of questions. The alcohol-content and abv tags seem to be very related and basically synonyms in many, if ...
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Tags: Dry-Hop & Dry-Hopping

Suggested removal, we seem to have duplicate tags for "Dry-Hop" & "Dry-Hopping". Side note we seem to have duplicate tags in the Meta "tags" and "tagging"
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6 votes
1 answer

Can we join hop and hops tags

"hop" tag has only 7 questions, while "hops" has over one hundred. I do not see a point in keeping the singular form, since most of the times the plural form "hops" is used, can we delete "hop" and ...
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3 votes
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Request for tag merge of gravity & specific-gravity tags

Both tags have the same meaning & even similar definitions. I propose we merge into specific-gravity as someone typing gravity would still find the former through auto-suggest.
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3 votes
2 answers

What purpose does a [newbie] tag serve?

newbie has 16 questions at the moment, and I'm a bit concerned about it. Last year, Jeff wrote this nice blog post about Meta Tags, which are tags that describe the nature and identity of the question,...
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Tag descriptions

I've begun working on filling in some of the tag descriptions. Can I get some feedback on these tags, (please feel free to improve them as you see fit) Techniques Barleywine Specifically for the ...
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Why are wiki tag descriptions cut off at the words 'used to'?

Looking at the tags page the wiki description of some tags is cut off. It seems to be anything before the words 'used to ' is chopped. Look a 'gear' and 'mash'. It seems intentional. I was just ...
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