I agree with you, that if a question is worth answering then it is also worth up voting. When questions have 2 or 3 answers each with up-votes but the question itself is sat on 0 votes, I think it could become disheartening for those who have asked the question to engage further with our site and community.


To somewhat split the difference of the other answers, I think it could make a lot of sense to allow questions around home distilling. If someone has a question more generally about distillation, particularly in a commercial setting, I think leaving that to https://alcohol.stackexchange.com/ seems reasonable. But if someone has a question about distilling ...


I would have no objections to opening up the site to more distillation questions; as it is a post fermentation step :)


I think there's no need to reinvent the wheel. We should just point people to the beginning info on the AHA website, or so other similarly "legit" site.

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