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What do you think about launching a separate site for beer appreciation?

There's a newer proposal gaining some amount of traction on our Area 51 site: Beer - Proposed Q&A site for beer aficionados and collectors The focus is significantly different from this one, ...
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Is Home Roasting / Home Brewing of Coffee within scope?

Wondering if the "Homebrewing" moniker stretches to include home brewing of coffee (and more interestingly home roasting of coffee) I see similarities in roasting malts and roasting coffee. I do ...
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Area 51 clean up campaign

I'm trying to clean up Area 51 proposals, and I came across this one: Beer Proposed Q&A site for beer writers, cicerones, professional brewers, and beer geeks Would any of their on topic ...
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Are beer/wine enthusiasts encouraged to ask questions that aren't necessarily about brewing?

Do we want to encourage enthusiasts of beer / wine to ask questions that aren't specifically about brewing? The FAQ says the site is for dedicated home brewers and serious enthusiasts, but not ...
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Beer recommendations?

What do you think about questions like What is the best beer to make for a spouse who prefers sauvignon blanc? ? While he's asking for advice on what to brew, it doesn't seem brewing specific- the ...
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